DG Attwell Funeral Directors Swansea
DG Attwell Funeral Directors Swansea

Golden Charter Funeral Plans Swansea
Reflecting Your Needs

Whether you would prefer a traditional service or one with a more modern feel, we have both the expertise and the experience to accommodate your needs. We can arrange services for any denomination or faith...or for those with no religious conviction.

If you want a greater personal involvement in carrying out the funeral, we are happy to advise and can, if necessary, provide any part of our wide range of services separately. If this is your preferred option we can give you an estimate based on just the services that you would like to use.

Our staff fully understand that each individual is different and spend time to help each family plan the funeral that truly reflects the life of your loved one.

We are also able to advise on woodland burials and a range of non-denominational funerals. Whatever your needs are or if you have any particular requests or wishes,
just get in touch.


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